About GoodGood

We strive to do good, and be good, down to the very last drop. 

As an ex-athlete, fitness enthusiast, and career-focused gen-x'er, like many of us, our founder was juggling a busy schedule that was physically and mentally demanding, and as a result was experiencing pain and insomnia. He wanted a self-care solution that could help with his muscle recovery between workouts and help him get restful sleep, so that he could tackle the day and demands of his busy schedule.

When researching his options, profit-driven pharmaceuticals and online misinformation created challenges to finding natural health care solutions, and he couldn't find products that were comprehensive and reliable in their communications and results.

Premised on the belief that living your best life starts with a healthy mind and body, and that natural self-care solutions should not be complicated, he created goodgood to help make that a reality. 

We believe that living your best life starts with a healthy mind and body and we are here to help make that goal a reality. 

What sets us apart?

Goodgood's proprietary blend has higher concentrations, is organic, natural, and produced in the USA, so you can love the way you feel. Goodgood also breaks down everything you need to know about CBD in a simple way to help you decide which product is best suited for your needs, side-stepping data-dumps or overly complicated science.

Goodgood strives to do good and be good down to the very last drop. We are committed to clean extraction methods with every batch third party tested to ensure quality control.

Our products are proudly: 
100% organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, and friendly to the environment and animals alike, as all products are pesticide and cruelty-free. 


Feel good, be good, do good!