How to Use CBD Oil

How to Use CBD Oil


How to Use CBD Oil

A lot of folks are curious about the most effective way to take CBD oil. Can you put CBD into a beverage? Yes, but do we recommend it? No. It has to do with a little thing called "bioavailability."

Bioavailability is the measurement of how much something gets absorbed by your bloodstream. The higher the bioavailability, the better. When CBD oil gets added to beverages, the molecules start interacting with the liquid and breaking down. That's not so bad, except that it becomes less effective because it's going through a lot of steps before it hits your bloodstream. 

What's a better way to take it? Straight up and under the tongue. Then hold it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. This is shown to improve bioavailability by about 20% over emptying that dropper on top of your tongue and swallowing right away. Luckily, goodgood has a mild, fresh mint flavor that's really easy to take even without a chaser!

Now Let’s Talk about Dosing

Another part of learning how to use CBD oil is figuring out how much to take. Keeping notes on your symptoms can help you find your perfect dosage.It doesn't have to be a journal. You can call it your "file."Or you can say it's your very important "folio." Whatever you call it, keeping track of how you feel every day can be incredibly useful for figuring out what the right CBD dosage is for you.

Have you ever been at the doctor's and blanked or become suddenly unsure of your "story?" All of a sudden it feels like you're overreacting or making something up, or you can't remember when these things started or stopped happening. That's the tricky thing about memory. We don't always have our facts straight. 

So take note of how you're feeling, how many milligrams or droppers of CBD you're taking, what time of day you're taking it, and other descriptions that seem relevant to your physical, mental, and emotional health. You'll be able to look back and identify correlations and patterns that could inform the way you take your CBD moving forward. 

We recommend starting small with one dropper-full. Then you can increase as needed, which tends to be a more precise way to find the right amount than starting big and scaling back!