CBD for Back Pain

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CBD for Back Pain

You run, you lift, you sweat, you swear (maybe), you stretch...then what?

Athletes, exercisers, and generally hardworking folks are sharing their positive experiences with goodgood, and we couldn't be prouder! Adding CBD to your recovery protocol is a no-brainer. Why? Because according to an article published in the Journal of neuropsychopharmacology, “the endocannabinoid system also modulates the inflammatory response through the suppression of immune cell activation, proliferation and migration, and the activation of immune cell apoptosis.” That’s a fancy way of saying that your body’s endocannabinoid system with which CBD interacts is involved in keeping immune cell activity under control so that it doesn’t explode into the painful sensation we know of as inflammation.

One particular boon that comes from the interaction between CBD and your endocannabinoid system is the relief that many report related to chronic pain, including chronic back pain. The frequent or constant discomfort that stems from unchecked inflammation is a notoriously tough symptom to treat, and rather than diving into the drugs developed within the allopathic approach, more and more people are turning to natural remedies like CBD that have fewer and milder side effects, if any.

Let's not forget-- your mood and sleep quality are connected to inflammation and pain. So when we say CBD for back pain is a good bet, we can say confidently that it’s also a good move for mood and sleep improvement. When you can get some relief in more than one area from a natural remedy, that’s an opportunity to grab onto!